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Antistatic gloves

The main feature of ESD gloves is that they are antistatic, i.e. they protect their wearer - as well as the products with which the wearer works - from electrical charge. Because ESD gloves are often used in precision mechanics, ESD gloves also meet the corresponding requirements for maximum dexterity through a good fit and high flexibility.

Working with electrical equipment

Electrostatic protective gloves must not become electrostatically charged under any circumstances and discharge again on contact with electronics. They thus protect against sparkovers that could destroy electronics. The main feature here is a particularly low leakage resistance. To meet these requirements, ESD gloves are usually made of artificial fibers in combination with copper or carbon fibers.

Antistatic gloves for every work area

ESD protective gloves from the Original MRUK® range are suitable for safe use in industry, network operation and trade thanks to their high quality and selected materials.