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The right protective work glove for every day

Professionals know that there are almost as many different models of protective work gloves as there are activities in which hand protection is important. Which glove is exactly right for the respective task depends on a variety of different factors. Because rarely is an application one-dimensional, often the work gloves have to fulfill several purposes at the same time. To make the selection easier and to provide you with a clear view in the jungle of work gloves, you can use our comprehensive filters to quickly and easily find the right glove for your application.

New selection follows practical test

Only when a certain glove model - or in the best case even several - meet all the important criteria, you as a user have a suitable pre-selection. We subsequently recommend that you bring the different models on the shortlist into your company once for a quality check and test their wear properties and acceptance by employees in a practical test.

For over 40 years: Original MRUK® pays attention to quality

The right protective glove for every day is only found when the employee or employees are satisfied with the new protection for their hands. Smart buyers know that if you buy cheap, you buy twice. The largest selection of high-quality protective gloves for general handling and also for specific application purposes is offered by importers and wholesalers like Original MRUK®, who have been focusing on quality for over 40 years.