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single use gloves for the industry

Today, it is impossible to imagine many industries without single use gloves. The practical protective gloves are easy to handle and always guarantee optimum hygiene at work. In health care, in laboratories, but also in food processing and in many other places of use - from catering and cleaning to industry and crafts - the useful work gloves for single use are often used.

Single use nitrile gloves

The classics among single use gloves are and remain the elastic latex gloves. The flexible and durable protective gloves made of latex have proven their worth especially in the medical field. In the meantime, however, single use gloves made of nitrile have become established in industrial and craft applications - not least because of their higher mechanical resilience.

Approved according to EN 374 and EN 455

Many single use gloves in the Original MRUK® range have been tested to EN 374 and can be used in many applications for short-term protection against chemicals and hazardous substances. In addition, all single use gloves are approved for handling foodstuffs and a large proportion also meet the EN 455 standard, which specifies the requirements and test procedures for single use medical gloves.