Social commitment

We bear responsibility

As a medium-sized family business, we are aware of our social responsibility and expect the same from our suppliers and business partners. We think and act "from the ground up" sustainably and plan for the long term. We also consistently take this self-image into account when selecting our production partners abroad.

Active in the Social Fair project

In 2007 Original MRUK joined the initiative SozialFair of the Association of Finished Goods Importers (VFI) Germany e.V. - internationally better known as German Importers.

The initiative SozialFair aims to help people in developing countries to create or improve their social environment. To this end, the VFI has drawn up a program of standards that the companies participating in the initiative have committed themselves to adhere to.

Since then, we have been working with our producers to improve production processes and the working conditions of our employees.

Soon we will climb the next level, SozialFair2022. In addition to safe and fair working conditions, the goals of further development are three main areas of focus. Firstly, the creation of more transparency in the supply chain and in the transport of goods; secondly, the reduction of environmental pollution; and thirdly, the agreement of regular documentation and reporting by the manufacturers to the exporters. You can find out more about the SozialFair2022 initiative here: