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SHOWA: Always innovate, never imitate

SHOWA is one of the world's leading brands of protective work gloves. The 65-year-old, Japanese-American family-owned company (5,500 employees) is one of only a few fully integrated manufacturers worldwide. All development and testing processes, as well as complete manufacturing, take place in nine company-owned plants.

100 researchers are constantly working on new products and on improving existing ones. The goal is always to combine the best possible protection with the highest possible comfort. SHOWA developed and produced the first PVC gloves and also the first nitrile gloves. In 1980 they produced the first gloves without seams, and in 1985 the first with particularly high-performance PU coatings.

SHOWA holds more than 50 patents only for the production of industrial safety gloves and is therefore rightly regarded as an innovation leader in the field of personal protective equipment. Original MRUK® has been the first point of contact in Germany for all products from SHOWA since the 1990s.